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by: Calvin P Border

"If you don't do politics, politics will do you"


 Many years ago, I was sitting in a small classroom type setting at night where a political analyst type teacher was giving a lecture of sorts for those attending.   

He made some interesting points that gave us some food for thought.  
One of the things he talked about was the various terms used to described different political systems.   He said that instead of a horizontal line where you have Communism at the extreme Left and Naziism / Fascism at the extreme Right, it is more correct to draw a circle.  At the top you have Totalitarianism, and at the bottom, Anarchy. The Founding Fathers of the USA were in favor of a government that governs at a minimum;  so they felt that self governance was the best system.  They also wrote that self governance only works if the people are both moral and religious.  Yes, that's right;  religious. We have been taught in the public school system and rulings by the "Supreme Court" that "separation of church and state" written about by Thomas Jefferson meant separation of God and state.   Anyone who remembers what the Bill of Rights says, it says that we are endowed with our "inalienable rights" by our "Creator".  With a capital "C"  it should not take a constitutional lawyer to tell you Who "the Creator" is.   So anyone with half a brain should be able to figure out that God has been declared to be at the very highest position of authority.  If one reads the writings of the Founding Fathers of America, they will discover that they intended for people to look to their Creator to be their conscience as the primary guider on to how they should conduct themselves.  For some reason, we were not taught this when we were in grade school of the public education system.  In the early part of the 20th Century, there were a series of court hearings called "the Stokes Trial" where it was debated whether or not the theory of evolution should be taught in the public schools.  William Jennings Bryan put forth the argument that if you teach kids that they CAME from monkeys, sooner or later they will begin to ACT like monkeys.  The side of evolution was trying to defend a 'science' teacher, whose last name was Stokes, the right to teach that theory.   So with all the school shootings that we have had in the last quarter of a century, or so; we see that William Jennings Bryan may very well have been totally correct in his prediction.  

        An interesting historical event was that of the French Revolution, where Napoleon took over the country of France in the late 1700s.  Now Napoleon was raised Roman Catholic, but later came to be an atheist, and he embrased Communism as his choice of the method of governing a nation.  Under his early leadership of France, all religious practice was outlawed.  The result was that within a couple of years, anarchy took over the population.  Napoleon was forced to conclude that the lack of a belief in a Supreme Being, to Whom one is accountable, resulted in the absence of conscience, and there was no motivation to live in a moral way.  His response to this was to once again allow the people to worship in the churches where they previously had done so.  One of the oldest civilizations was Egypt, and then the four major empires that ran from about 650 BC to early part of the 3rd century AD.  They all included paganistic type of worship as part of their way of governing.  
I suppose that we have to conclude that a successul political system must include, or at least allow, some form of worship of the supernatural.  So you have to wonder why the so-called "smart people" running the USA are desperately trying to remove Christianity from society, in light of all the history that teaches us that this is a recipe for disaster.  
       Coming back to the first few lines of this essay, lets look at the terms that we put forth.  Now this may come as a shock to some of you, but the word "Nazi" is actually a contraction of the phrase "national socialism".   Now Fascism was also part of the Nazi model where there was extreme hate for certain ethnic groups; jews in particular.  Now let me point out here that Communism is also an extreme form of socialism, so this begs the question as to why we were taught to put these two ideologies on opposite ends of the political spectrum.   Both of them are socialistic totalitarian forms of goverment. Now Hitler was raised Catholic, as was Napoleon, and Hitler was very much into the Occult.  So we see that the supernatural was very much at work in his system. Communism is primarilty atheistic, where religion (as I said before) is viewed as  undesirable ("the opiate of the people").  Historically, socialism has never been as successful a system as has been individualism.  One of the first colonies in America in the early 1600s was run in a socialistic manner; where everyone shared in the wealth of the community, which was derived primarily through farming - the raising of livestock, and the growing of crops.  The amount of work each individual did was not closely monitored, so a person could draw a share of the wealth regardless of how much of a work contribution they made.  The result of this system was that the colony almost starved their first winter.  So the elders got together and changed to an individualistic system, where a person would enjoy the fruits of their OWN labor.  In other words, there was now a real INCENTIVE to work hard, whereas before, there wasn't.
The Fall of that year was when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. 


So individualistic capitalism became the primary approach as to how the economy should function.  Under this type of system, America flourished to become the greatest country the world had ever seen.  It used to be refered to as "the shining city on the hill".  People from all over the world have been wanting to immigrate to the USA for many decades because of the promise of a better life that could be derived from the economic opportunities that lay here. One of the problems that Americans seem to have is that of a very short memory.  In recent years, capitalism has come under fire, and it has been blamed for the woes in the economy that have surfaced; especially since 2008.   Most people are not educated in the fact that there is more than one type of capitalism.  The two major classifications of the types of Capitalism are 
1) Competitivie Capitalism, and  2) Monopolistic Capitalism.   Competitive Capitalism is what was intended to remain as the primary engine for economic activity in America, but as time went on,  the "captains of industry" got together and formed allegiances (conglomerates) that would help them to gain a monopoly of the market in particular areas.  The Founding Fathers did not have the experience sufficient enough to know how to write into the US Constitution the proper safeguards that would prevent this from happening.  Or even if they had, given enough time, corruption would still have crept in that would allow men with not-so-noble intentions to pervert the system to satisfy their out-of-control ambitions (i.e. greed).   Recently, I heard someone put a label on the type of monopolistic capitalism that we primarily see at work at the present time;  they called it "corporate capitalism".   

     So as we move further away from the best governing force on the personal level (the Creator), and we convince young people in our colleges and universities that evolution makes the belief in a Creator is nonsensical; and on top of that ALL capitalism is bad, there is no way that America can remain a free society with a healthy economy.   It is interesting that the two foremost Communistic nations, Russia and China, have moved their economies toward a more capitalistic framework; while the USA is moving away from it.  So the conclusion we must reach is that either some very stupid people are running our government, or else they have a definite agenda that they feel compelled to follow. Ok, so now we are getting closer to understanding what is really going on.   We have all heard the saying "love makes the world go 'round". Actually, to be more correct, MONEY makes the world go 'round.   But then again, what is money?  It is a tool that is used as a means of transacting exchanges of goods and services.  It is also a measure of wealth.  Finally, it is a tool, and the one using it is EMPOWERED to DO something.  It goes without saying that those who are the wealthiest among us, wield the most power.   In government, monarchies, and in the case of the Roman Catholic Church; power was more or less interchangeable with wealth.   Only the naiive are not aware that there are groups of extremely wealthy people who actually wield influence over governments.  How do they achieve this?  Through lobbying (buying influence) politicians and the influence of the banking system.   
I have found that this is the only way to explain what has been going on in the USA for several decades.  There have been policies that were put in place where one has to shake their heads and say "what were those guys in Washington thinking".  It seems as though someone has been playing games with us, where we back one political party; then are disappointed.  Then we back the other party, thinking that things will get better; only to find out they have continued further down a path toward failure.   


Conclusion:  we have the best government that money can buy.   There simply is no other way to explain all the incompetance and shortsightedness that has gone on.  Politicians have to have large amounts of funds to be elected to office.  
Where do they get these funds from?  Those with lots of it, of course.  It is no longer "government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people".  Now it's government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.  And who are the people behind the corporations?  The super rich.  It doesn't matter much anymore if a politician is Democrat or Republican,  Liberal or Conservative.  
What matters is this:  Who do they answer to for their campaign finance funds, and who calls them in their office on a private line to tell them what they MUST do "or else".  I heard a very prominent leader in the black community say that "Obama is a good ole boy, but the BIG BOYS still run the show". (For those of you who skoff at the idea of conspiracies, consider this fact: on average, for every 15 years mankind has been around, he has been at war for 14 of those years.  How does a nation make war with another nation?  
They first conspire as to how to succeed at doing that.)

       Now the next question is, who or what coordinates these groups of rich people.  That is something that you will have to research for yourself.
I am not going to go into that at this time (and perhaps never) on this site.