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by: Calvin P Border

Health is Valuable


A wise man once said that the average man depletes his health in the pursuit of wealth, then winds up spending his wealth in order to recover his health.   

  Much has been said about the "health crisis" that is present in America.  It is my view that healthcare begins in the home. This page is dedicated toward improving the level of knowledge that visitors have about taking care of one of the most important things in life; our bodies. We have heard it said that money is nice to have, but unless one has good health, it is hard to enjoy the blessing of wealth. -- (Disclaimer:  The information provided is not intended to eliminate the need to consult one's healthcare professionals or for regular health checkups.  This is a presentation of information designed to help reduce the risk of getting a disease,  and to help fight a disease that has already surfaced in one's body.  The health tips are the results of many reports by people who have experienced positive results from the methods and substances presented and are in no way intended to be looked upon as "cures". I assume no responsibility for those who do not completely follow the instructions given for each item mentioned, as this could lead to a problem for these individuals.)  

 There are distinct categories of conditions in the body that must be maintained or corrected in order to achieve good health in the individual.  

1) Stress in an individual is an extremely important item to be looked at. 
2) Toxicity levels need to be kept as low as possible, as toxins contribute to the onset of disease. 
3) pH level is also an important thing that must be kept within certain parameters.
4) Oxygen in proper levels in the blood and tissues is very important to maintain good health.
5) Immune system  The immune system is the bodies defense mechanism that fights of pathogens that                          could cause disease.                
6) Carcinogens (cancer inducing substances) are something that we should all be aware of and reduce our intake of.
7) Proper nutrition is vital to a healthy individual, and as the saying goes "you are what you eat" is true.
8) Lifestyle is an important factor here as well.  If a person doesn't 'live right', it is much harder to be healthy.

9) Allergies can be a nuisance, and can be successfully dealt with in some cases.

 Stress is the number 1 cause of disease in the body. Whether it be cancer, or just the common cold, stress tends to lower the immune system so that we are more apt to acquire a disease. Obviously, no one can avoid stress altogether, but it must be properly kept in check. After one is exposed to stress, it is necessary to have a time of relaxation so that we can have time to heal from the period of stress. It follows that continued stress, without intervals of relaxation, put us in serious risk of contracting an illness. 
Toxicity is a form of chemical stress, and we should first become mindful of the ones we are being exposed to, and seek to reduce this intake as much as possible. It is a good idea to undergo a detox procedure periodically to cleanse the body of undesirable toxins. It is more difficult to control one's weight if toxins are not flushed out of the body on a regular basis. Toxins interfere with the body's ability to utilize energy from food, so a person will feel hungry more often, and hence gain weight from excessive eating. Adding apple cider vinegar to the water one drinks helps to detoxify the body on an ongoing basis, and a useful side effect is that it also curbs the appetite.
The best way that I have found to detoxify my body is by periodically taking an enema with a half gallon of warm water and adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it. cider vinegar is a marvelous detoxifying agent, and it also raises the body's pH level. Such an enema should be taken a minimum of once every 3 months. Once a month would be even better, and if one is exposed to a lot of toxins, more often than that. It is vitally important that additional levels of minerals be ingested, as the cider vinegar will take out the good minerals along with the toxins. I take a liquid mineral supplement that has calcium, magnesium, and zinc; these are among the most important to put back in after taking an apple cider vinegar/water enema. I up my mineral intake for 3 or 4 days following the enema 

 Alkaline water is another great way to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins, but drinking this kind of water has another terrific health benefit; raising the pH of the body tissues. I drink alkaline water that has a pH of around 8. It is a known medical fact that the more acid the tissues are, the more they are put at risk of becoming diseased. The more alkaline the tissues are, the more they tend to resist becoming diseased. There are numerous reports of people becoming more successful in fighting cancer after they have done things to keep their body tissues more on the alkaline side.  The foods we eat tend to shift the body's pH in a particular direction. Generally speaking, foods that are high in protein (especially meats, dairy, pasta, and pizza) , and processed sugar, tend to shift the body toward acidity. Most fruits, vegetables and grains tend to make us more alkaline. It is paradoxical, but nevertheless true, that ingesting a highly acidic fruit's juice (like lemon juice) actually makes the body become more alkaline. We have all heard of 'acid reflux', and this occurs if we have been eating too many acid producing foods; especially for the evening meal. This is more true the older we get. So the way to reduce acid reflux is by eating acid producing foods sparingly during the evening meal. Its probably a good idea for persons over 45 to eat meat, and other protein-rich (acid-producing) foods, earlier in the day.
**It is important that sufficient quantities of water be consumed, as this is the foremost way that the body to rid itself of toxins. Most health guides recommend consuming about a half gallon of water per day. Of course, as I mentioned, alkaline water is much better than just plain water. 

 Oxygen is probably the one thing that will kill us the soonest if we are deprived of it. Too much oxygen is not healthy, and insufficient levels of it leads to diseases and death. One thing about cancer is that it thrives in a low level oxygen environment. so it follows that healthy levels of oxygen will deter the development of cancer. Too much inactivity is one thing that one will deprive their body of healthy levels of oxygen, and regular exercise is a way to maintain oxygen levels that are conducive to good health. If one is not able to get regular exercise, food grade hydrogen peroxide can be ingested in tiny amounts to flood the body with oxygen. Food grade peroxide can be obtained from some health supplement outlets, and it is 11 times stronger than drug store H202.  If some actually has cancer, they should be mixing about 5 drops of F.G. peroxide in with a glass of water or juice 3 to 5 times a day. In order to insure that proper levels of the friendly bacteria in the colon are maintained, the person taking peroxide must be taking a good quality pro-biotic supplement. Actually, regardless of whether peroxide is used, everyone should be taking a pro-biotic supplement. The colon is vitally important in maintaining a healthy immune system, and a healthy level of friendly bacteria must be maintained in order to maintain one's health. 


Something that I forgot to mention in the last segment is that a more alkaline body is more receptive to oxygen. As you can see, a lot of these things are interrelated so that is best to do all of them together, rather than just one or two things. ----- As we age, our bodies tend to accumulate microorganisms, and these can settle in both the tissues and the joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by this condition. The immune system attacks the 'bugs' in the joints, and the joints become inflamed.  Lupus is an auto-immune disease where the body's defense system (white blood cells) will attack body tissues that are either infected with microorganisms, or have above-normal levels of toxins in them. So it is important to both detoxify and de-'bug' our bodies on some type of maintenance schedule.

Immune system  The first and most important way to maintain a strong immune system is to get adequate amounts of sleep.  For adults, this is usually at least 8 hours per night.  Since I have been retired, I try to get between 8 and a half and 9 hours per night.  It is not a good idea to go over 9 hours on a consistent basis, as this may cause problems.  The two biggest contributors to getting cancer are, a lack of sleep, and too much stress. --- The friendly bacteria in the colon are extremely important toward maintaining a healthy immune system. Most people only think of white blood cells as doing this, but they are only part of the equation.  It is a good idea for people to be taking a pro-biotic supplement in order to replace depleted bacteria that have died  as a result of taking pharmaceutical antibiotics.  Apples have pectin which serves to feed the friendly bacteria in the colon, so "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" is not far-fetched advice. There are other natural ways to keep a healthy immune system; raw organic honey, and garlic are are very good for this.  Mangosteen and Noni juice are both very good for the immune system and also directly fight diseases in the body.  I have heard former cancer patients report that they beat cancer with the help of one of these juices.  I know that if I were to ever be found with cancer, I would be taking 1 oz. of Noni juice  4 times every day until I was sure it was gone.  As I said already, stress is the biggest factor in weakening the immune system, so it is a good idea to keep stress levels down as much as possible.

 Carcinogens (substances which encourage cancer in the body) are something that one should keep to a minimum, and preferably avoid altogether. The most obvious one to most people is cigarette smoke. The medical community attributes 30% of all cancers to cigarette smoke; wow. A less spoken about carcinogen is alcohol consumption. Yes, thats right; drinking will greatly increase one's risk of getting cancer. I know that this is an 'ouch' for some of you, but it is true none the less. Now this next one is going to be another 'ouch' for a large number of people; charcoal broiled meat is high on the list for triggering cancer. I heard a doctor once say that eating one 1/4 pound of charcoal broiled meat was equivalent to smoking 600 cigarettes. 
Now the consumption of meat is said to increase one's risk of cancer, so vegetarians have an advantage here. (We have heard these stories about vegetarians being unhealthy, and I will address this in the next segment). Another advantage of becoming a vegetarian is that animal fat in the diet is eliminated.  It is a medical fact that animal fat is the number one cause of diabetes in adults. Of course, processed sugar is also a large contributor, and one should limit their intake of that, but eliminating meat will substantialy reduce the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.--- I have already mentioned a number of things on the positive side to reduce the risk of cancer? In addition, the immune system can be reduced by ingesting foods rich in Beta-carrotein. Carrots, squash, and most vegetables that are yellow or orange are included. Likopein is another cancer inhibiting substance, and this is found in red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and strawberries. A minimum of 250mg of vitamin C is important to maintain a strong immune system. Another immune system builder is garlic; aged garlic that has no odor is available in capsules. L-lysine is an amino acid that is the building block of the immune system and this is also available in capsule form; usually 500mg each.--- Now nitric oxide is reported to actually fight cancer, and the body will make this from L-Arginine (amino acid) and this is found in almonds and beets. An interesting thing about beets is that 1/3 cup of them a day lowers one's cholesterol by about 40% 

 Proper Nutrition is very important.  I was listening to a video where a doctor was talking about vegetarians, and how they may have a higher risk of heart attack and mental deterioration as a result of this type of diet. He explained that this is largely due to many vegetarians not being mindful of certain things. First he talked about the importance of having a good ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils in the diet. The ideal ratio is about one part Omega-3 to every 4 parts of Omega-6. He said most people have much higher amounts of Omega-6 than this: meat eaters typically have a ratio of 1:10, whereas many vegetarians have 1:16 or worse. He attributes this to cooking oils that are very high in Omega-6. He said the remedy for this is to supplement with EPA and DHA (at least 300mg DHA), or take ground up flax seeds with food. These are high in Omega-3 and are superior to taking fish oil for the purpose. 
Another thing he mentioned that increases one's predisposition to cardiovascular disease is elevated levels of homocystine. He said supplementing with vitamin B-12 would solve this problem, and one can get a good synergy of healthy things in lozenges that have vitamin B-6, B-12, and folic acid all together under the tongue. It is easier for the body to absorb B-12 by absorbing it under the tongue instead of through the stomach and intestines. 
Iron is something that vegetarians are often times deficient in, so getting a moderate amount through supplementation may be needed if one is not getting at least 18 mg per day in their diet. Finally, the vegetarian must be mindful of how many grams of protein they are consuming every day.  The average adult female requires at least 50 grams a day of protien, the average male adult requires at least 60 grams of protein a day.  Lots of folks who attempt to go vegetarian will just eat salads all day.  Sorry, but this simply won't cut it.  Keeping that up will lead to sickness and disease.  There are plenty of vegetables that are rich in protein, and then there is vegan protein powder available these days. 
      So as one can gather from what I have passed on to you from medical experts, being a vegetarian is a healthier way to go; but one has to use proper supplements and watch protein intake in order to maintain good health.
**The need for proper levels of minerals in the body tissues is very important. I probably mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating. There are some good quality mineral supplements available, and the ones that are most readily absorbed are usually the ones in liquid form. Minerals are very important to proper cell function, and if one eats a good variety of nuts (preferably in raw form) most mineral problems go away. Almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, etc. are among the best. Raw pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, and zinc is known to inhibit the growth of most viruses, as well as being important to many other things in the body's workings.
One of the symptoms of a lack of minerals is in getting the 'munchy's'. The body is looking for minerals and so it makes you get hungry in order to get them. Weight gain may result. 

 Lifestyle is very important to the maintaining of a healthy body.  It is a good idea to develope healthy habits such as getting regular excercise and avoiding bad habits like smoking.  Taking a couple of 20 to 30 minute walks every day is a good habit to get into.  

Something else I want to touch on is that it is possible to deal with many types of pathogens (bugs - i.e. viruses bacteria, parasites, fungus) by taking natural substances which function in a similar manner as antibiotics. I have had occasion where I had a dental infection, and was not able to see a dental professional for days (this can happen on a weekend), and I took "Bee Propolis" capsules (500 mg) a couple of times a day. Not only did the Bee Propolis keep the infection in check, but also lessened the pain and discomfort. I have used it for other infections as well, with great success; whether it was a 'cold', the flu, a break in the skin from an accident of sorts, or an infection that occurred from an insect bite or . There are other alternative antibiotic-type substances that will serve in a similar way. I have discovered that "Oil of Oregano" does this, and I have heard that good results can be obtained from "Olive Leaf Extract" and "Colloidal Silver" as well.  Always be sure to follow the instructions given on the label of the container.  Keep in mind that there exists the possibility that an allergic reaction may result from trying anything new, so use caution and start slowly at first to see if there may be a problem.  
(These things can be purchased at most health supplement retailers.) 

 I recently had an infection near the surface on one of my toes, so I took my natural antibiotics that I just mentioned in the previous post, heated up some water and put some epsom salts in it, then soaked my foot in that solution for  20 minutes a couple of times a day. 
I repeated this daily until I was confident the infection was well on its way toward being gone. 
This substance can be mixed with water to make for a good soaking solution that is primarily touted as something that relieves foot discomfort, but it also helps deal with external infections of the limbs. 
Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) can be obtained from most drug stores or near the pharmacy outlet of a supermarket.

Cancer   This disease is one of the scariest ones around.  (I will repeat excerpts from what I have said in this article previously.) People who find out they have it should be taking an enema with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar at least once a week; preferably more often if possible.  Not only does the cider vinegar clean up the toxins, which enables the immune system to be more effective in fighting the disease, but the vinegar actually fights cancer cells.  Ingest good amounts of liquid minerals (esp. calcium and magnesium).  1 oz of Noni Juice 4 times a day is reported to be very effective in the fight against cancer.  A couple of capsules of Turmeric a day, a couple capsules of Pau de Arco extract a day; both of which fight cancer and the inflammation that occurs along with it.   5 drops of food grade peroxide in a liquid 3 to 5 times a day.  (Be sure and take a probiotic to replace the bacteria in the colon that the peroxide will kill). Brazil nuts are rich in selenium; there are studies that show that this mineral is associated with lower levels of cancer.  People who have cancer should avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating meat.  These things actually encourage the growth of cancer.  Stress should be kept to a minimum; stress is the number one cause of a lowered immune system, making it difficult to overcome disease.

 Arthritis usually comes in two forms:  Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.   Both of these can be lessened to some degree by being proactive.  Osteoarthritis is where the cushioning/lubricating part of the joint has deteriorated to the point where the bones are rubbing each other; causing pain and discomfort.  This is usually the result of not getting proper nutrients in the diet that leads to the condition.  I got some early warning signs of the beginning stages of this about 10 years ago.  Having heard of the benefits of jello for nails and the joints, I proceeded to make up a batch of jello once a week, and ingested a portion of it daily.  After a few months I noticed a difference in my joints from the jello. Then I learned that jello is made from jellotin, and this is derived from ground up cartlidge and tendins of animals. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two substances in jellotin that can be found in pill form in many joint formulas that drug stores sell over the counter without a need for a prescription.  So I found me a good joint formula and no longer needed to eat jello every day.  Later on,  I heard about a new discovery in the anti-aging field, and that is hyaluronic acid.  It is a substance that our bodies make to keep us young by enabling the cells to properly maintain their levels of water.   As we get older, our bodies don't make as much of it;  hence, the drying out of the skin, the shrinking of the eyes (farsightedness results), and the joint cushioning fluid deteriorates.  So I started looking for ways to take hyaluronic acid.  It is a very large molecule, and is difficult to be absorbed by the body unless it is well formulated. 

I settled on a product that Purity Products ( puts out that has this great substance in it.  I am 62 years old and have no problems with arthritis at all.  There are many people who report having their osteoarthritis actually reversed from taking hyaluronic acid. --

Now Rheumatoid Arthritis is caused by "bugs" (bacteria and viruses) getting into the joints.  Inflamation results from this which results in pain and discomfort.   So two things have to be addressed:  kill the "bugs" and reduce the inflamation. There are some antibiotics that will achieve this, but they cannot be taken for extended periods of time.  Food grade Hydrogen peroxide can be somewhat effective in killing the "bugs" in the joints, but as I said earlier, one must take a probiotic to maintain the friendly bacteria in the colon.  Pineapple has bromelein in it, and this is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  Serrapeptase is another natural anti-inflammatory substance that can be found in some enzyme formulations that can be obtained at many health food supplement outlets. 


Allergies are not always something one has to learn to live with.  The most common allergy is the reaction to pollens in the air that make themselves know in the Spring and early Summer seasons.  Health food supplement outlets have various homeopathic formulas that are effective for this problem, and frequently they sell formulations specific to the area in which you live.   I live in the southern Nevada area and the best thing I have found is "Las Vegas Allergy Mix".

Tinnitis is a condition where a ringing is heard within the ears, and this lingers for hours, days, or always.   A musician by the name of Timothy Seaton suffered from this condition and did an exhaustive investigation on ways to reduce or eliminate tinnitis.  He discovered a method called Neuromonics which is a fancy word for sound therapy.  If you suffer from this, you can try his system by typing "Tinnitus Terminator" in your search engine.  There are others that may be listed there in the results that may be less expensive than Mr. Seaton's method, but not having tried them myself, I cannot say whether one works better than another.  


Keep in mind that it is usually a good idea to consult with your doctor about your using any of the things mentioned here.  Of course it is hoped that your doctor is open-minded enough for you to do something that is outside of the usual prescription-for-pills models that the doctors are trained to follow.  Also be aware that it is not a good idea to take the medications that doctors prescribe on an on-going basis for years on end.  It is a medical fact that most medications, if taken for extended periods of time, will result in either liver or kidney failure;  or perhaps both. 

Those of you who bother to thoroughly read and digest the information I have provided here will have a "leg up" on other folks who don't take the time to become more involved in their healthcare; which, as I said earlier, actually begins in the home.