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Hi there, thanks for stopping by.  One of my lifelong quests is that of acquiring additional knowledge that went beyond what I learned in grade school and college.  It is interesting that colleges will put a cap and gown on graduating students and infer that "now you are educated".  The shortfall of this notion is that the average college graduate knows very little about how to maintain the health of their body or their finances.

Here is where you can find valuable information that can help to close this knowledge gap in these areas.    It is my experience that educated adults tend to have large egos when it comes to what they "know", and this all too often gets in the way of either learning something new, or making adjustments to the information that they were presented with in the educational institutions.   A little humility will increase your I.Q.

For those of you who would like to know what my political and religious views are, there are separate pages for these topics.  One of the things I like to do is sing, and some of my favorite music is that of Neil Diamond, and I actually perform tributes to him.  

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